Tokyo is Japan’s busy capital, where can get everything-traditional culture or ultramodern lifestyle. Enjoy Tokyo lifestyle, your nights watching neon-lit skyscrapers and your evenings exploring the historical culture. Even in museums exhibition, you can find diverse variety ranging from reconstructed kabuki theatre (in the Edo-Tokyo Museum) to classical art (in the Tokyo National Museum).

Tokyo is a city full of colorful light and fun-filled life. The densely populated city is a complete package of entertainment-restaurants, nightlife spots, shopping malls, theme parks, and more. Tokyo offers its citizens and tourists with a unique, social, and vibrant lifestyle.

What it’s like to shop in Tokyo?  

Customers are crazy about going out shopping in Tokyo, especially expatriates. For that, Tokyo lifestyle has its shopping environment with almost everything in a contemporary and bizarrely manner. What’s more, the city is a hub of the latest electronics, design, and fashion. Be privilege enough to pay for the product when shopping here as bargaining is uncommon there.

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The urban lifestyle is surrounded by multi-story shopping malls that retail every item, from watermelons to undergarments. If you want to get an ultimate shopping experience then checkout the ultimate Mitsukoshi department stores.

Those who are looking for a modest gift for treating their loved ones back in the home town should probably go for some traditional items like Daruma dolls and crafts, including chopsticks and ceramics. Kimonos are always a good option, but quality ones would be a bit expensive on a budget. You can even get yourself souvenirs from Oriental Bazar.

Eating out in Tokyo

Tokyo being a densely populated city might also be a global cuisine’s capital. Tokyo is filled with numerous restaurants serving Thai, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and more. The Japanese sushi is a must-try whether you are planning to stay or just for a business deal. Moreover, there are plenty of options available at the boasts eateries, including fine dining experiences, local delicacies, and foreign foods and ethnic cuisines.

Nightlife entertainment in Tokyo

Tokyo Lifestyle

The nightlife in Tokyo lifestyle has filled its entertainment, offering almost everything from theme dance clubs, jazz, and escort ones to geisha bars. The vending machines keep stock of beer cans since it is legally allowed to drink in public places. You can go to Ginza or Shinjuku to cheer up your night.  

Places to visit in Tokyo city

There are so much fun and site seeing places in Tokyo lifestyle to get excited about! You never have enough leisure time to get bored around visual landscapes with animated flash boarding and gleaming buildings.

Tokyo Tower:

Tokyo Lifestyle

The communication and observation tower located in the Shiba-Koen district of Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Enjoy the sense of perspective with Tokyo’s second tallest structure soaring high 1,091 feet (333mm) into the sky.

The Tokyo Tower is an inspired replication of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, yet the Tokyo version has got a four-story-high Foot town at the base. This architectural masterpiece is painted white and international orange to comply with air safety regulations.

Imperial palace:

Tokyo Lifestyle

The heart and soul of the traditional Tokyo, this Imperial Residence is the royal home of the current Emperor of Japan. It was built on the site of the old Edo Castle, which includes wonderful parks where the locals can enjoy a picnic and entertain themselves. The modern palace was designed by the Japanese architect Shōzō Uchii in 1993.

Yasukuni Shrine:

Tokyo Lifestyle

Built to commemorate those 2.5 million Japanese who died while serving Japan in the War conflict. The Shinto-style building in Chiyoda has listed down the names, origins, birthdates, and places of death of 2,466,532 men, women, children, and even their pets. To the north of the shrine, the Yushukan Museum features amusing artifacts like kamikaze suicide airplane and human torpedo.

Edo-Tokyo Museum:

Tokyo Lifestyle

The first-ever museum to show cast Tokyo’s history, culture, art, and architecture using interactive displays, maps, and photographs. The museum was opened in March 1993 to preserve Edo’s cultural heritage featuring scale town models of Edo and Tokyo between 1950 to 1964, a replica of the Nihonbashi, and the Nakamuraza theatre.


Tokyo Lifestyle

Akihabara is a buzzing shopping hub famous for retailing electronics and gadgets. The expat can find anything from these tiny stalls to vast department stores like Yodobashi Multimedia Akiba. An essential attraction, including exhibits and souvenirs for buyers and window shoppers.

Sensō-ji Temple:

Tokyo Lifestyle

An ancient Buddhist temple, Sensō-Ji is located in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan. One of Tokyo’s oldest temple is an attraction point for many devotees to learn about the on-going numerous festivals that are associated with this temple. The temple is famous for the firework display held in summer. You can find many shops with traditional goods in the streets, adjacent to the Sensō-Ji temple.

Tokyo Disney Resort:

Tokyo Lifestyle

The Tokyo Disney Resort is a mega theme park that modulates the original version in California. The Oriental Land Company owns and operates the place. A single theme park was launched on April 15, 1983, but later was upgraded into a resort with six non-Disney hotels, two theme parks, four Disney hotels, and a shopping complex. Apart from the Disney characters and fun-filled rides, you can also enjoy the Disney Sea Park over there.

Tokyo National Museum:

Tokyo Lifestyle

The Tokyo National Museum provides a home to one of the world’s largest collection of Japanese art and culture. Not only this, the museum safely collects, preserves, and presents a vivid collection of artwork and cultural objects from all around Asia. This museum conducts research and exhibits them-antique Kimonos, classical woodblock print, and paper-thin pottery.

Meiji Jingu:

Tokyo Lifestyle

Located near the Harajuku Station, Meiji Jingu is a charming and pleasant place because of the surrounding breathtaking evergreen environment. The shrine dedicates tribute Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shōken. Although, the real grave of the emperor is located at Fushimi-momoyama, south of Kyoto.


Tokyo Lifestyle

The traditional Japanese Kabuki Theater is where locals and visitors can explore kabuki drama form. The place is more likable by culturally adventurous people who love to enjoy traditional places. Structured inside the wooden building with front curtains called Doncho where you can enjoy live performances almost regularly.

Annual events in Tokyo: 

  • Sumo tournaments are competitive wrestling competitions that take place six times a year, usually starting from Mid-January.
  • Toray Pan Pacific Open, an international ladies-only tennis tournament launched in February. Tennis players from around the world compete over a US million dollar prize.
  • The National Foundation Day Parade event is celebrated in the memory of Japan’s first emperor crowning ceremony. A Parade moves through the Omote-Sando Street, Meiji Park, and Meiji Shrine.
  • Design Festa is one of the largest art events in Asia which portrays oriental art by a film screening, food stalls, artist, and displays in May.
  • One of the most popular Tokyo festivals includes the Great Japan Beer Festivals (held in mid-June), where visitors can sample international and local beers.   
  • Starting in the month of June, the Tokyo Summer Festival features traditional, classical, and contemporary music from around the world at venues throughout the city.
  • Tokyo International Film festival being one of the biggest film events in Asia presents a wide variety of Japanese and international film screening.
  • The Setagaya Boro Ichi, an antique market held in mid-December retails everything from priceless antiques to bric-a-brac.