Early Impotence at Young Age

Erectile dysfunction for clarification is the inability to achieve erectile state, respectively. penis coughing. This condition consequently leads to inability to have sexual intercourse and causes significant partner problems. There are a number of causes that do not allow you to lead a full sexual life, causing impotence.

Recently, much is also said about the fact that not only older men suffer from a weak erection, but they can also suffer from this condition at a younger age.

  1. The state of erection is a combination of several body processes that lead to hardening of the penis by filling the body with blood.
  2. The brain can feel some external or internal exciting stimulus (thoughts, feelings, scents …)
  3. It sends through the nerve stimulus to the bow to spread.
  4. This stimulus travels through the body, increasing the respiration rate, and thus increasing the oxygenation of the blood.
  5. The blood vessels most penetrate into the penis and then begins to fill with blood.
  6. Blood penetration of the penis allows for a special property of bodies that behave like sponges.
  7. The entire flow is closed and the peak of the erection is reached.

If this process is somehow disrupted in some way, the man is unable to achieve timing.


There are several reasons why an erection may be impaired. In younger men, some causes may be different from older ones, some have a greater weight.

They can be both physical and psychic. If we put them in the physical process, so physical affects the blood vessels and the brain in a certain way the brain and nervous stimuli. According to a published study, young men suffering from this condition have the following common features:


  • trauma;
  • high stress;
  • insomnia;
  • psychiatric diagnosis (depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety);
  • concerns about relationships;
  • concerns about sexual performance.


  • age range 16-35;
  • problems and pains in the area of penis, semen and pelvis;
  • urinary tract disease;
  • usually do not suffer from cardiovascular diseases;
  • have high expectations of treatment;
  • obesity;
  • serious injury in the genital area.

Drug, alcohol and smoking can also be common factors.


The doctor, in our case, a urologist or a sexologist should first approach a patient with impotence at a young age and start communicating freely, because it is a sensitive issue for men and for correct diagnosis it is necessary to have truth and the most objective information from the patient.

The physician should know how long the patient suffers from this problem, its intensity, and sometimes the treatment. Erectile dysfunction is a relatively broad term, and many people mix it or change it altogether. For example, a patient may have a problem with ejaculation and think he / she is suffering from a weak erection or total impotence. For the doctor, it is important to pinpoint the problem accurately.

Then he should go through his medical card, informing about possible illnesses and then drugs that could affect the process of erection.

Most often, a doctor should ask questions about those diseases that are known to cause problems with impotence.

For patients: Do not be afraid to answer truthfully. For example, questions about whether you are suffering from depression you are being treated for a psychiatric problem are unpleasant but necessary for proper diagnosis.

The physician should also be part of a psychologist in the sense of finding emotional mood, relationships in private and working life, and deducting possible causes from this sphere.


Impotence can, as mentioned, be caused by several types of disease, many of which can be identified through specific examinations:

  • complete blood count;
  • testing early testosterone levels;
  • the so-called ” bithesiomentrom;
  • free thyroid hormone detection;
  • sensitivity to the phosphodiesterase inhibitor;
  • examinations aimed at cardiovascular diseases and others.


If we first consider impotence problems based on factors that we can influence in our lives, we need to focus on a healthy lifestyle.

This includes reducing stress in and around you, improving daytime and sleep mode, so it is important to have at least 6 hours of rest per day.

Also, a balanced diet should not be forgotten to prevent obesity while providing enough quality movement that again reduces the potential for obesity while supporting the proper functioning of your cardiovascular system.

If the cause of a weak erection has reduced your sex drive, your libido or a reduced level of testosterone, you can improve your health by including nutritional supplements that contain active substances to support libido or increase testosterone levels.

If this is a more complex problem, and these procedures do not help you, you should always go to your doctor to take you to a specialist.


Medicines that have a direct effect on the spread of penicillable bodies include all phosphodiesterase inhibitors:

  • sildenafil (Viagra);
  • tadalafil (Cialis);
  • vardenafil (Levitra);
  • avanafil.

All these medicines are available with prescription.