Cody Renee Cameron is known for her filmography and acting skills. She has earned lots of credits since her acting debut was launched in 2015. Before being in the acting line, she already had a career in the modeling industry. She has been seen in numerous shows, including Veronica Mars and Ballers.

Cody has an Instagram account named @heyitscodee with 51.8k followers. She has mostly appeared in the minor or side role up till now. Although, Cody is expected to be seen in some big projects in following the years 2020 and 2021. Being a star is not an easy task of course, but Cody has proved that she can do that.

Cody Renee Cameron

One of her acts was playing the role of the corpse in the disturbing necromancy scene with Jena Malone. The debut film was Neon Demon directed by Nicolas Refn. After this film, she became famous in her circle by the name, “best damn dead girl in Hollywood.” She also owns a dog named Cheetoh, which is sometimes seen on the set with her.

Things that aren’t famous about Cody Renee Cameron:

– She is an adventurous motorcycle rider

Cody Renee Cameron

In the year 2014, Cody sold her car and bought herself a Harley Davidson. Cody is often seen in front of a motorcycle in photos, but the bike isn’t just for showing off. She is a venturesome rider who loves to ride on the open road. Cody is a fun-loving person who loves to ride her bike on all sorts of adventures. She can even perform a few tricks while riding her bike.

-She loves to explore and travel

Cody Renee Cameron

Watching the sunset while lying on the beach or traveling around the world, exploring new places is mostly on everyone’s wish list. Not everyone is lucky enough to avail of this opportunity, but fortunately, Cody got a chance for travel. Over the years, she has traveled to beautiful places like around the world, including Cancun and Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

-She loves her pet dog

Cody Renee Cameron is very proud to own a hairy little dog named Cheetoh. Cheetoh is the one whom she loves spending her time with. Cody and Cheetoh are often seen on the beach spending time together. The dog even has an Instagram account named @heyitscheetoh with around 700 followers where Cheetoh is seen in multiple outfits.

-Cody is a sporty and learner person

Cody Renee Cameron has also got brain alongside with her stunning looks. She completed her bachelor’s program in communications from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. Plus, she is also a talented soccer player who studied college on a full-merit based scholarship.

-Cody’s potential for modeling started as a Playboy Model

Cody Renee Cameron

During her college life, Cody also worked part-time at a local Hooters restaurant. While working at the restaurant, she realized her potential in the modeling career. Cody then started posing for the Playboy magazine and other organizations. She was a judge on The Man, which aired on Playboy TV, and has been a guest on The Playboy Morning Show.

-Cody keeps her fitness on the top

Cody Renee Cameron has a strict nature when it comes to fitness and health training. She tries her best to remain active by practicing Yoga that relaxes her mind and body. She loves to practice Yoga outdoors in fresh air such as a beach or park.

-She’s An Aspiring YouTuber

In addition to her work as a model and actress, Cody is also a really interactive social media person. Cody loves to share her captures and photographs with the whole world. Alongside Twitter and Instagram, she also owns a YouTube channel named HeyItsCodeE, with currently 357 subscribers. The channel currently, has only one uploaded video with 95 K views, which means that she might be very active on this platform in the past.

-She performs stuns in real life

Cody Renee Cameron

Apart from riding a motorcycle, Cody also likes to perform real-life stuns that requires courage and strength. She regularly trains herself at the gym to polish her technique and learn new skills. She has been selected for the role of stunt actor in the movie Girls Guns and Blood, which is directed by Thegin German.

-Cody describes herself as a “Delicious Little Cocktail”

Cody’s unique personality can be judged through her IMDB bio. According to the bio, “Cody Renee Cameron is a delicious cocktail comprised of Kaitlin Olson and Julia Garner, sprinkled with Farrah Fawcett, then shaken and poured into a chilled glass of Pamela Anderson in Barb Wire.”

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