Blue pill for sex

The famous blue pill

We all know that a viagra or blue pill helps to improve sexual intercourse, or even those with erectile dysfunction. Quite a bit, however, we know which medicines are the ones that negatively affect sexual activity or cause impotence. It would be nice to get acquainted with them – perhaps a blue pill will not even be needed if we find that it is needed only because of the effect of another drug, and it is timely replacing or being denied it.

Before the first blue pill appeared on the market, men and their doctors were always looking for the cause of erectile dysfunction for the first time. And because they were looking for it, they also found it – often it was a second medical problem, for example, a disease of the scar or obesity, as well as the effects of a medicine.

Since a blue pill is available for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, many men forget about the need to first find a reason. He thinks that the problem will be solved by a viagra, but he does not ask about the problem itself. If a doctor does not give a prescription to the doctor who thoroughly inspects it, but purchases viagra without a prescription, it may be in difficulty, or it is taken without any need.

Which pills are responsible for erectile dysfunction?

In the first place are some antidepressants that influence the secretion of serotonin hormones. Because of them, sex is reduced and the erection is poor. If you are taking antidepressants, replace them for those that do not affect libido.

Tablets used for the treatment of prostate, affect testosterone, they also decrease sexual desire and prevent good erections. Tests are also working with testosterone, which prevents men from excessive hair loss or baldness. In both cases, check what side effects your tablets have – it does not make sense to first take one tablet, and then you would need a blue pill. Talk to your doctor about whether a change or a medical intervention is possible (in the case of a prostate).

The opposite effect as a blue pill may also have antihistamines, that is, tablets against allergies. Their active ingredients can also be found in cough and cold medication, so always read the instructions and get to know the effects.

In addition to classical tablets, erythema and libido are also affected by medical marijuana (the same applies to non-medical ones). If you are treated with marijuana, then you can expect a blue pill to be needed for the opposite effect.