Ariel Malone is a country club chef from Hackensack, New Jersey. She always tries to gain people’s attention through her cooking. Ariel participated and won the 15th season of Hell’s Kitchen. Not to end there, in Bally’s Las Vegas at BLT Steak, she awarded the head chef position with a starting salary of $250,000.

Ariel has studied from Bergen Community College and is aged 26 years old. She has an Instagram account (@chefarielmalone) with 5,614 followers. She also a mother of three children, including two twin girls. She is very determined and possessive towards her passion for cooking.

Her competitive and outspoken nature actually made her the most unlikeable personality of the show. Moreover, she stands out as a confident & very loud leader who made her vocal presence known. Her friendship with Jackie always seemed a quite off, but despite that all, she never gave up and fantastically completed her challenges.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 15

Ariel Malone

Season fifteen of this cooking competition was aired on from January 15 to April 29, 2016, on Fox Network. There are about 15 contestants that fought for the winner’s prize. During the competition, Aaron Mitrano was sous chef for the blue team, and Christina Wilson was sous chef for the red team.

Role of Ariel Malone in Hell’s Kitchen Season 15:

Ariel Malone
HELL”S KITCHEN: in the all-new “Winner Chosen” season finale episode of HELL’S KITCHEN airing Friday, April 29 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX Cr: Greg Gayne / FOX. © 2016 FOX Broadcasting Co.

The reason for her winning was her expressive vociferous. When all the chefs arrived at Hell’s Kitchen, they were separated into 2 teams- Red and Blue. They were asked to cook their signature dishes, Ariel stood up to be the eighth person from the red team to have her dish judged by Ramsay against Chad.

She made traditional Israeli dish shakshuka, and she got great reviews for that. She was pissed when her team lost by 2 points. In the dinner service of the first episode, Ariel served a special grilled shrimp bruschetta appetizer tableside with Meese, and the red team won the service.

During the Dumplings challenge, Ariel along with Ashley managed to get two baskets accepted, and the red team won with one point. In the dinner service of the second episode, the red team lost, and Ariel was nominated for the elimination.

Ariel survived the elimination round. In the jackets challenge, Ariel stood up to be the third person from the red team to have her dish judged by Ramsay against Jared. The red team lost the challenge. During the dinner service of the third episode, the red team was kicked out of the kitchen. Ariel went against the team and got aggressive.

Now for the duck challenge, Ariel was the second person from the team to have her dish judged up against Chad. The red team lost the challenge and were asked to eat a duck feet sandwich for dinner. They also lost the dinner service of the fourth episode.

During the Holiday Platter Challenge, Ariel was paired up with Ashley. They prepared the Mardi Gras platter, which turned out to best of the red team. The red team’s victory was later destroyed, during the Family Night dinner service.

During the Shopping Cart Challenge, Ariel presented her pan-seared halibut and bacon back vinaigrette. She received points for the dish, and the red team won the challenge. In the dinner service of the sixth episode, the red team lost the challenge.

Ariel was paired up with Kristin on the Chef Andi Wedding Planning Challenge to cook a grilled squid stuffed with a lobster claw. She did not score anything. Later, she got injured her foot on a drunken trip.

During the Ingredient Number Challenge, Ariel made a seven-ingredient hangar steak with sweet potato, baby eggplant hash, and Brussel sprouts mixed with lemon. The red team was rewarded with a paintball excursion for their success.

Ariel Malone

Ariel made a Japanese ribeye with bok choy and noodle salad for the Bison Cut Challenge. She tied the round with Joe, while the team won the challenge and were rewarded with meeting Hollywood animals and receiving Vitamix blenders.

Ariel was paired up with Jackie in the Breakfast Challenge. Her vegetarian sweet potato was put aside because it had a lesser presentation. After Jackie’s dish received poor reviews, Ariel was pissed off, and the red team ended up losing the challenge.

Ariel went up twice for the Blind Taste Test as the red team was down a member. She correctly guessed on both the rounds and the Red team was rewarded with a $2000 shopping spree at Rolland’s Kitchenware.

Later, during the 13 weeks, Ariel received a surprise visit from her mother. During the Cooking School Challenge, Ariel, along with her mother struggled to cook their branzino dish. Although it wasn’t the best dish from the red team, even, then the red team won the challenge. They were rewarded with a spa day at Berk Williams.

In the Animo Venice Charter Portion Challenge, Ariel presented cumin rubbed steak tostada. She lost the challenge against Jared and participated in a recycling day as a part of the punishment.

During the Final Tasting Challenge, Ariel presented her cold lobster salad with purple Romanesco, and blood orange vinaigrette was praised for being striking, and she scored 8 points for the cold appetizer round, while for the hot appetizer round presented her savory mushroom cheesecake.

Ariel was praised for being outspoken about her dishes since the start of the competition for her cooking skills. This was the sole reason behind her winning this show.