Blue pill is FOR sex

We all know that a viagra or blue pill helps to improve sexual intercourse, or even those with erectile dysfunction. Quite a bit, however, we know which medicines are the ones that negatively affect sexual activity or cause impotence. It would be nice to get acquainted with them – perhaps a blue pill will not […]

Free viagra

Viagra and other medicines that are intended for men with erectile dysfunction are payable to us – and even though they are available only on a prescription. What would happen if I did not? Why is the recipe needed at all? Viagra is not a miracle candy that improves sex but a cure. It contains […]

Impotence at young age – is it possible?

Erectile dysfunction for clarification is the inability to achieve erectile state, respectively. penis coughing. This condition consequently leads to inability to have sexual intercourse and causes significant partner problems. There are a number of causes that do not allow you to lead a full sexual life, causing impotence. Recently, much is also said about the […]